Friday, April 26, 2024

Ballarat council restructure announced

City of Ballarat Council CEO, Evan King, has today announced a proposed restructure of the Council.

In a statement, Mr King (pictured) said the “organisational structure realignment” would align Council’s organisational structure to its strategic objectives.

“Since I began working for the City of Ballarat in February, my focus has been on making a positive difference to the organisation and to our wider community,” Mr King said.

“A key element of this was to work with Councillors, the Executive Leadership Team and our community to develop a robust Council Plan that will guide us to meet the challenges and the opportunities over the next four years.  

“In order to achieve this goal, today I have informed City of Ballarat staff and Councillors of a proposed organisational realignment. This realignment will align our organisational structure to the strategic objectives outlined in our new Council Plan 2021-2025 while also better positioning our organisation with industry and stakeholder requirements.”

He said the primary purpose of the restructure was to create an organisation that was better equipped to deliver on Council’s commitments and the community’s expectations.

“There is no intent to reduce staff numbers,” Mr King said.

Prior to making a final decision on the proposed changes, the City of Ballarat will invite staff to provide comments and suggestions on the proposed realignment, he said.

“We will also consult with unions throughout this process. We will formally announce the proposed organisational realignment to all staff, Councillors and the community this Wednesday.”

He thanked the staff at the City of Ballarat for their professionalism and their ongoing support during the process.

“I believe now is the right time to propose these changes to the way our organisation operates. I look forward to working with our staff to achieve an organisational structure that better responds to our community’s needs,” the CEO said.

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