Thursday, June 20, 2024

Apple launch ‘spring loaded’ for surprise factor

Apple will host a launch event titled ‘Spring Loaded’ on April 20 – which, for Australian consumers, will translate to the early hours of Wednesday.

With no further info given by the tech giant, rumours abound that it will be the launch of a new touch-based product, or a new iPad Pro.

The only clue given – Apple’s cute ‘finger-painted’ squiggle invitation in the shape of, of course, an apple.

Insiders say an updated iPad Pro with a cutting-edge Micro-LED display and fired by an M1 chip – which is currently only used in MacBooks – may be the star of the launch.

Also rumoured – the announcement of Apple’s AirTags – bluetooth tracking tags that attach to your belongings and can be located using the ‘Find My’ app.

Or it could be news of a fresh Apple TV with enough grunt to power a new generation of games via Apple Arcade subscription service.

Stay tuned…launch will be happened 3AM Wednesday for Australian consumers.

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