Tuesday, March 5, 2024

$8m Nyngan dam nears completion

The $8.24 million Nyngan Cobar Water Security Project is nearing completion, with the new 650 megalitre storage dam to provide water security for the central Orana Region community.

Minister for Water, Kevin Anderson, visited the site this week to view the progress of the build.

“Water security is at the forefront of the NSW Nationals’ agenda when it comes to delivering for regional communities,” Mr Anderson said.

“It is great to see progress being made on the storage dam, which is located next to another $10 million storage reservoir, pump station and 1.8-kilometre pipeline that we built in 2019 during the height of the State’s worst drought.”

He said the two storage dams will double the storage capacity for Nyngan and Cobar holding up to 1,300 megalitres of water.

“To put this in perspective, Nyngan uses 600 megalitres of water every year which means the new reservoirs can hold an extra two years’ worth of water supply which is great news for the region,” the Minister said.

“We are also funding repair work on the first dam over the next few months, including installing a synthetic clay lining to prevent leaks.”

Nyngan and Cobar’s town water supply comes from a weir in the Bogan River which is topped up by water from the Macquarie River via the Albert Priest Channel when flows are low.

Nyngan Mayor, Glenn Neill said the project was a great example of the Local Council working collaboratively with the NSW Government to boost drought resilience and improve long-term water supply and storage for the town.

“We have a proven track record of working hand-in-hand with the State Government to deliver infrastructure that is going to put Nyngan in a stronger position to manage a more variable climate,” Mayor Neil said.

“Out here, water security is the number one issue and without investment and support from the NSW Government we wouldn’t be able to build new reservoirs, pump stations, pipelines and bores.

“We have worked hard to get the new storage dam finished despite significant weather delays and once it is up and running it will be a great asset for the region.”

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