Monday, June 17, 2024

$50m in digital reform to cut State and LG red tape

The Victorian Government has announced it will invest $50 million in regulatory reform to cut red tape, making it easier for businesses to access state and local government services.

Minister for Government Services and Regulatory Reform, Danny Pearson says the investment will include $40 million for the Regulation Reform Incentive Fund to speed up approvals, simplify processes and deliver up to $200 million in annual ongoing benefits.

An additional $10 million for the Business Acceleration Fund will support Victorian businesses to streamline operations and allows for easier and more efficient opening of new businesses.

“Everyday tasks like renewing licences and registrations should be quick and easy – and that’s exactly what Victorian businesses are getting with these time and money saving digital reforms,” said Mr Pearson.

“We’re putting citizens at the centre by boosting digital services which is good for business and employment.”

Building practitioners are set to recoup precious time as online interactive forms replace paper-based registration, speeding up approvals for more than 1,800 builders a year, the Government said in a statement.

Applicants will be able to receive registrations and licences up to a week earlier, enabling businesses to open and start work sooner, it said.

“We know the digitisation of applications and approvals through Service Victoria will save businesses valuable time, and this will reduce a significant impost for Victorian businesses,” said Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive, Paul Guerra.

Working with 16 local councils, the Victorian Government says it is also delivering streamlined applications and faster approvals for a range of local businesses – with more councils soon to follow.

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