Monday, June 24, 2024

$1.2 million Moira resealing program completed

Moira Shire Council’s $1.2 million bitumen resealing program has now been completed – on time and to budget – council has announced.

Mayor Libro Mustica said a total of 266,922 square metres of rural roads and urban streets had been resealed at a cost of $1,248,000 this financial year.

“We have the responsibility of managing about 1,100km of sealed roads across the shire, and there are a number of factors that must be considered as to when the road surfaces need to be resealed, including the age of the existing seal, types and volumes of traffic, and types of defects such as cracking, aggregate loss, oxidisation of the surface, and skid resistance,” Mayor Mustica said.

“Throughout the life of a sealed road, the road surface needs to be regularly replaced.”

“Road resealing is around one tenth the cost of full reconstruction or asphalt overlays, and when done at the right time can extend the life of a road by 10 to 15 years.”

Mayor Mustica said the bitumen reseal program was complete for this financial year, with preparation works for next year’s program already underway.

“These works include edge break repairs, cement stabilisation of failed sections of pavements, regulation of uneven surfaces and crack sealing all in anticipation of a new bitumen seal next year,” the Mayor said.

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